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Guardian for CWE-428

Authenticity and Integrity
Automatic online installation
Manual offline installation


The batch script GUARDIAN.CMD creates empty files ‹filename›.EXE next to some or all subdirectories which contain a space in their name it finds in the root directory of Windows’ system drive %SystemDrive%\, underneath the directories %SystemRoot%\, "%ProgramFiles%\" and (if it exists) "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\" as well as "%USERPROFILE%\" to let execution of these DLLs and applications due to the well-known weaknesses listed as CWE-426: Untrusted Search Path, CWE-427: Uncontrolled Search Path Element and CWE-428: Unquoted Search Path or Element in the CWE fail.


The batch script GUARDIAN.CMD is packaged in the (compressed and digitally signed) cabinet file GUARDIAN.CAB.

Authenticity and Integrity

GUARDIAN.CAB is digitally signed using an X.509 certificate issued by WEB.DE TrustCenter E-Mail Certification Authority.
Serial number of the certificate
0x04605052 = 73420882
Fingerprint of the certificate
MD5: e5 0b 01 66 ce 2e 7a 03 f4 98 39 37 f6 f9 9f ba
SHA-1: 79 05 5d 63 2f 03 31 83 04 e2 ff 3b 25 b9 cc b6 70 ad ec 31
Download and install the CA and root X.509 certificates of WEB.DE to validate and verify the digital signature.

Note: unfortunately WEB.DE abandoned their trust center in 2018 and removed all pages and download links in 2019; fortunately the Wayback Machine archived the TrustCenter page, the CA and the root certificate.

Note: due to its counter signature alias timestamp the digital signature remains valid past the X.509 certificates expiration date!


Installation requires administrative privileges and access rights.

Automatic online installation

When visited with Internet Explorer, this web page will prompt to install (the contents of) the package using Internet Component Download.

Manual offline installation

Download the package GUARDIAN.CAB and verify its digital signature, then open it in Windows Explorer, extract its contents and call the extracted batch script GUARDIAN.CMD to run the installation.


Not provided.


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Use the X.509 certificate to send S/MIME encrypted mail.

Note: email in weird format and without a proper sender name is likely to be discarded!

I dislike HTML (and even weirder formats too) in email, I prefer to receive plain text.
I also expect to see your full (real) name as sender, not your nickname.
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