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SMBIOS Decoder

Sample Output
Implementation and Build Details
Authenticity and Integrity


The command line alias console programs DMIPRINT.COM (ASCII output) and DMIPRINT.EXE (UTF-16LE output) for Microsoft® Windows NT decode and print the hardware component and configuration data provided by the SMBIOS, formerly called DMIBIOS.

Note: when started in their own console window, for example per double-click, DMIPRINT.COM and DMIPRINT.EXE wait for a keypress before they exit and their console window closes; they beep once and flash the title bar of their console window to indicate this wait state.

Sample Output

DMIPRINT.AMD, DMIPRINT.EEE, DMIPRINT.LOG, DMIPRINT.TXT, DMIPRINT.ZEN, DMIPRINT.ZEN2, DMIPRINT.KBL, DMIPRINT.CFL, DMIPRINT.ICL, DMIPRINT.EXC and DMIPRINT.EPYC show outputs for different SMBIOS versions, from small portable devices like an Asus Eee PC to big machines like a Dell PowerEdge R7525 with 2 AMD® EPYC 7713 64-core processors and 1 TB ECC RAM.


DMIPRINT.COM and DMIPRINT.EXE support DMTF’s SMBIOS DSP0134 version 3.7.0, published July 21, 2023.

Implementation and Build Details

DMIPRINT.COM and DMIPRINT.EXE are pure Win32 binary executables, written from scratch in ANSI C, built with the Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2 Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler 2010 SP1 from update 2519277, but without the MSVCRT libraries, for use on Windows Server 2003 and newer versions of Windows NT as well as Windows PE 2.0 and newer versions.

DMIPRINT.COM and DMIPRINT.EXE are available for the I386 alias x86 and the AMD64 alias x64 processor architectures of Windows NT.

Note: DMIPRINT.COM and DMIPRINT.EXE are neither based on other tools like dmidecode or libsmbios nor related to any of them!

Authenticity and Integrity

DMIPRINT.COM and DMIPRINT.EXE are digitally signed using a (self-issued) X.509 leaf certificate and time stamped.

Download and install the (self-signed) X.509 root certificate to validate and verify the digital certificate and the signature.


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